Viktoriya Kostinenko is a Brooklyn based artist, born in Ukraine. Her work is inspired by social and political issues.

Her focus is on abstract landscapes. She works in acrylic, glue, food coloring, beads, string, netting and found objects on canvas and panel. Her process is fearless, impulsive and passionate.   

"Influenced heavily by the on-going conflict between her country of origin (Ukraine) and Russia, Kostinenko’s series of paintings titled ‘Elusive,' and "express the on-going volatility of both human nature and the earth."

Kostinenko's recent work's titled "Redevelopment," explore the economics of war, the seduction of urban life, and the spaces and memories that are lost with physical change.  

Viktoriya grew up in Kensington, Brooklyn, NY and has been painting and drawing ever since she could remember. 

She holds a BA in Art History from Brooklyn College, and is an animal, ocean and tattoo enthusiast.


...that blue that will always be there as it is now after all mans destruction is finished.
— -O'Keeffe